League Rules

Adult Recreation League Rules

  • All teams must pay half of the league fee during registration to secure spot in league.
  • The second half must be paid prior to the start of the SECOND game.
  •  No refunds are given once deposit is paid.
  •  All players must be registered with HB Inline and must have a completed waiver on file.
  • All players must have proof of current Rinks membership
  • Each team is responsible for providing one representative who will deal with the hockey director directly and is responsible for providing one e-mail address and one correct phone number in which suspensions and other information can be communicated. This representative is responsible for checking this email and communicating news to their team.
  • Roster checks must be made after the game starts and before the SECOND period ends. If the roster is legal, a two-minute delay game penalty will be assessed to the team questioning the roster, and charged with their timeout.
  • Any team using illegal players will forfeit game immediately.
  • Rosters will be locked by team captain/coach prior to the FOURTH game. After this time, that team may use no new players.
  • Any player listed on the team’s roster who is not registered with HB Inline by the roster lock date will be deemed ineligible and taken off the team’s roster.
  • Players arriving after their game start time must check in at the front desk and score box before joining the game.
  • Players must play and be signed in for a minimum of four regular season games to be eligible for playoffs.
  • No substitution of players is allowed for the playoffs. (Goaltenders must be approved by hockey director)
  • Any player judged to be inappropriate for the division in which they are playing by the hockey director will be removed from that team. The team will still be responsible for their full team fee. This player is encouraged to play in a higher division.
  • Any team judged to be inappropriate for the division in which they are playing may be removed from the division or moved up a division at the discretion of the hockey director.
  • Players must be 18 years of age or older to play in an adult division. Exceptions are only made for goaltenders who may be Bantam age and MUST have a waiver signed by their parent/legal guardian on file. Females playing may also be 16 with a signed waiver on file.
  • All jerseys must have a number (Referee and/or League Directors discretion). No duplicate numbers on the same team.
  • Players must have Matching color-based jerseys.
  • In the event that two opposing teams wear similar jerseys, the visiting team must change, at referee’s discretion.
  • Home jerseys are light. Away jerseys are dark.

NO Black Tape is allowed on the blade of the stick.

  • There is a ten goal mercy rule.
  • No off-sides and no icing.
  • All games played 4 on 4 when at even strength.
  • When numerous penalties are assessed, there will never be less than two players and a goalie on the floor per team at one time.
  • Games will be three (3) 15-minute running time periods. Warm-up will be 3 minutes.
  • Last 2 minutes is stop time when the difference is within 1 goal in the final period.
  • During the regular season, Adult games tied at the end of 3 periods will go to a three-minute 3 on 3 overtime period.  (Team will be allowed to use T/O if they have not used there prior) If still tied at the end of overtime period, game will end in a tie and each team gets 1 point. Winning team gets 2 points and losing team gets 1 point. (running clock) Youth teams will go to a sudden victory shootout. (*3 goal limit rule in affect, for the developmental divisions)
  • During the playoffs (Adults and Youth), games tied at the end of regulation will go into a 4 on 4, 5 minute sudden death overtime period.  If the game is still tied, teams will participate in a 3 man shootout.  3 different shooters must go, if the score is still tied then teams will go round by round.  During this part, any player can shoot at any time, there is no limit on how many times a player can shoot after the first 3 rounds.
  • Any player or coach judged to be engaging in unsportsmanlike conduct will be penalized, ejected and/or suspended.
  • Any person under the age of 18 who enters the player bench area MUST wear a helmet with a full face mask. If they do not, a warning will be given followed by a 2-minute delay of game penalty for that team.

In the event that two teams have the same number of points at the end of the regular season, the tie-breakers are as follows:

  1. Team with more wins
  2. Head to head
  3. Goal differential
  4. Team with fewest goals against
  5. Team with most goals for
  6. Team with fewest penalty minutes
  7. Coin toss
  • After three penalties in a single game, the player will be ejected from the game. Second three penalty ejection will result in a One Game suspension. (hockey directors discretion)
  • Derogatory remarks, including racial and lewd slurs will not be tolerated.  Excessive use of profanity or any verbal abuse may result in a penalty or suspension.    
  • A game misconduct results in the player’s immediate ejection.
  • Any penalty assessed as a fight, intent to injure or abuse of an official will result in a minimum of a 1 Week suspension from all leagues. (hockey directors discretion)
  • Any player’s second fight or a second major penalty in that same season will result in immediate expulsion from that season and playoffs and may result in expulsion from the league in future seasons.
  • All offenses are accumulative over the course of all seasons; no players will have a clean slate and repeat offenders will be penalized as such.
  • All suspension rulings are final and non-negotiable.
  • Teams are responsible for the conduct of their fans and may be penalized, suspended or expelled based on the actions of their fans.
  • No refunds will be granted to players and/or teams suspended or expelled from leagues.
  • Players may be suspended for games in a specific league or may be suspended from all leagues in which they play for a given time period at the discretion of the hockey director.
  • All suspensions will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis. No assumptions about the length of a suspension can be made by players and/or coaches based on similar prior incidents. The hockey director will consider the referee’s report, game situation and circumstance, player history, severity of act (e.g. injury caused), etc.
  • * 24 Hour Cooling Down period is in effect.  Discussion about incidents will be no sooner than 24 hours after incident.
  • (3) Goal maximum rule for Sunday Women's Divisions Only - Both Beginner and Intermediate Bronze
  • Management Approved Male goalies will be allowed in All Women's Divisions
  • Forfeit score will be entered as 3-0.