League Rules

Youth Recreation League Rules

  • All players must wear the Irvine Inline jerseys during all games. If a player forgets their jersey, they may sign one out from the front desk.
  • Any skater who wishes to play goalie may play one age division down at the discretion of the hockey director.
  • Teams with less than 6 players may use sub players from the same division chosen by Hockey Director. But may not have more than 6 players in total. (hockey director’s discretion)
  • Girls may play one age division down at the discretion of the hockey director.
  • During the regular season, teams may borrow a goaltender from another team in the same division. Teams may not use any skaters not on their roster. Must be approved by hockey director.
  • During playoffs, a team may use a substitute goalie from a rec division aged below that at which they are playing, or they may use a skater off their roster in goal. Must be approved by hockey director.
  • All players must register through Irvine Inline and be placed on a team by the hockey director. Coaches may not add players to their own team.
  • Carpool requests will be accepted at the discretion of the hockey director.
  • A coach may name one assistant coach and have both of their children placed on their team, however if the hockey director believes that placing the two coaches together will threaten the parity of the league, coaches may be denied their request to coach together. In this case, coaches are encouraged to coach their own team.
  • Immediate family members may be placed on the same team.
  • All coaches, including assistants must have proof of current AAU coaches’ membership and all head coaches must have AAU coaching certification by the next available certification class.
  • All players must be played equally at ALL times. Any coach judged to be playing players unequally will receive on warning and then be removed from coaching if the problem persists.
  • Team rosters may be changed during the season by the hockey director to ensure parity.
  • All coaches, including assistants, must have proof of the below certifications:
Staff Registration - Rinks/GPI/IIR USA Hockey Registration SafeSport Training Background Screening

More Information

For more information, contact:

Irvine Inline Program Office

Youth League Coordinator - Luke Benavente

Assistant Manager - Kylie Denning